Online Trading Charts for Beginners

Online Trading for the Week Ahead

If you a beginner toonline trading or even an old hand, here are two very interesting videos from the old school chartist and Oscar Carboni, both in their own very different styles! OSC takes a look at the S+P and the Dow Transports and OC looks at the Dow Transports too. According to Dow Theory, the Dow Transports are a leading indicator, i.e. where the Dow Transport chart goes the rest of the market will soon follow. At the moment it looks like the Dow Transports have been heading down for a while but the rest of the market has yet to catch up. So Monday looks like a down day at least on the Dow, S+P and Nasdaq. Check out the videos to see what the charts are saying in more detail. Both the old school chartist and Oscar Carboni provide really interesting videos on a regular basis, I don't know where they get the energy from! But they are much appreciated for their time and effort. First up is the old school chartist ... hopefully

Second up, in a slightly different style is Oscar Carboni! ... a slight change of pace

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