Stock Trading for Beginners Video

Stock Trading for Dummies Video

[UPDATE : Sunpeaks crashed 58% on the 18th - so well done and respect to Stock Trading Master for getting out when he did !! Check out the video to see why he sold]

Check out this excellent video from Stock Trading Master. It's quite long (30 minutes) but it's basically a free seminar on how to trade stocks. He sold his Sunpeaks Ventures stock for a 160% profit in 2 weeks. He explains how and why in his own inimitable style and also says why he has now moved out and got into Fonar.

He also gives some insights into his way of reading both the charts and the fundamentals of a company. If you trying to make money trading stocks then you can learn a lot from people like the stock trading master and the old school chartist who post their chart analysis free of charge on Youtube ! Isn't the Internet wonderful!? Now all we got to do is listen and learn (that's the hard part).

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Stock Trading for Beginners

Stock Markets for Dummies

Plenty of people think the stockmarkets are getting ahead of themselves (me included) and that the SnP needs to fall back to around 1275 - 1300. Here are the old school chartists thoughts on this idea. He is a good guy who tells it like he sees it and has plenty of experience in analyzing charts. So his videos are always full of useful information for people trying to learn about stock charts and trading the stock market.