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Online Stock Trading - Weekend Newspaper Share Tips

September 27


Questor - Share Tips:
Buy Vodafone at 141.75p
Buy Songbird at 3.15p on news of further improvement - it owns the majority of the company running London's Canary Wharf, - after an enormous emergency cash call it is now debt-free - Hold the shares for now and be prepared to buy on news of further improvement.

Buy LSE - shares trade on 14.5 times earnings, cheaper than other exchanges at 18-19 times. Downside is limited due to the fact that if LSE does not deliver, it will soon be a T/O target.

Buy BAE Systems


Midas - Share Tips:

Buy Indigo Vision at 617.5p

Update: Buy Primary Health Properties new shares

Andy Brough of Schroders:

"I'm putting away the housebuilders for now"

Other comment:

Sainsbury to start voucher challenge to Tesco

Dash for cash might mean end of the rally


Share Tips
BUY S&U - West Midlands doorstep lender, they are worth a buy for the dividend alone,
Hold Group NBT, formerly NetBenefit, it is one of the dot-com survivors. Biggest business involves managing corporate domain names — buying, registering and renewing corporate web addresses.

Rumour of the day - Mobistar shares get a boost after France Telecoms chief says consolidation activity in Belgium, Switzerland and Portugal is possible

Bet of the day

Tuesday’s trading statement by M&S will test its ability to generate like-for-like sales growth of 4% or more. Its shares have risen from 280p in April to 367p. Cantor Index is offering a December contract-related spread of 367p-368.4p.

Tiddler to watch

Transense Technologies' unit Translogik has signed a deal with Goodyear to supply its tyre tread pressure and depth field inspection kit - to be launched in Q4 and across the rest of Europe next year. It is seen as proof of management’s transformation of the company. The share price rose 13% to 13p.


Investment - Share Tips
Buy M&C Saatchi's - pe ratio of 8 times 2009 is not demanding, and the company is well placed for when the recovery begins.


Asda fears it may lose Andy Bond to M&S

Microsoft to agree to settle dispute with EU Commission


Best Online Stock Brokers

Online Stock Trading - Best Online Stock Brokers

Which are the Best Online Brokers?

If you are intending trading stocks online then you will need to sign up with an online stock broker. The following is a list of some of the current best online stockbrokers and discount brokers - but in no particular order, you will notice there is no mention of TDWaterhouse or any TDAmeritrade related companies, you may even wonder why, well in my experience they are useless ! So I haven't mentioned them.

1) Charles Schwab has just been voted best onlike broker overall over at as a result of its investment product range, the ease of use of its research and trading tools, customer service and customer satisfaction. You will need a minimum opening balance of $1,000. Fees are from $8.95 to $12.95 per trade.

2) Interactive Brokers has been voted 'best for active brokers' by who say that experts consider they offer the best of both worlds: low costs and state- of the art technology for day traders. Fees are $.005 per share up to 1,000 shares. Interactive Brokers offer direct access trading i.e. trades are sent directly to the market. However this site isn't for people whoe require a lot of support. And you must spend at least $10 per month in commissions

3) Zecco - free stock trading ! - : If you can maintain a minimum balance of $25K or make at least 25 trades each month, then you will be entitled to ten (10) free stock trades a month with Zecco. The regular Zecco commission rate is only $4.50 per trade which is still pretty good. As far as online stock brokers go Zecco is firmly in the cheap and cheerful camp - they offer very cheap trades (you can't realistically get cheaper than free!) but expects its clients to do their research elsewhere.

4) OptionsHouse - $2.95 each trade - OptionsHouse is another very cheap online stock broker at just $2.95 per stock trade. In addition you do not need to maintain a minimum monthly balance and there are no account maintenance fees. OptionsHouse doesn't just do options, you can also trade stocks, and a whole raft of financial products from a major discount broker. At the moment they will also pay up to $100 if your current broker charges a contract termination fee amd if you refer a friend they will pay you $50.

5) TradeKing - $4.95 a trade - TradeKing (voted 'best discount broker' by, also does not require you to have a minimum balance and does not charge fees for maintaining your account. TradeKing also is very well perceived by both the press and the public. At the moment they are also covering transfer fees up to $150 and offering $50 if you refer a friend.

6) Scottrade - Scottrade charges $7.00 per online trade which is pretty cheap but not as cheap as some. It also does not charge fees for account maintenance or inactivity. It also has a very large network of branch offices that you can visit (430 which is actuall more than Charles Schwab), which for some retail investors is important.

7) TradeMonster charge $7.50 a trade up to 5,000 shares - TradeMonster is a newish discount broker but has already been awarded 4 stars for trade experience, research amenities, usability, and portfolio analysis reports by Barron's. TradeMONSTER's rates are 'competitive' and they offer the latest online trading technology plus a complete suite of trading tools. They have 24 hour a day help via their 'learning center' (doesn't sound like live online help to me) and you get free real-time streaming quotes! Plus they will pay up to $250+ (why the 'plus' it makes no sense) for transfer fees.

8) E*Trade Financial charges $9.99 a trade. ETrade has been voted No. 1 by SmartMoney as best overall broker is not the cheapest of the discount brokers but it is one of the oldest. Etrade has won numerous awards over the years, including number 1 for best overall online discount brokerage in the 2009 best broker survey by SmartMoney. Etrade offers the best investment calculation tools and financial research material. It is competitive but far from the cheapest. Its rates are $9.99 per stock trade if you make 30 trades a month or keep $50K in assets, otherwise they charge $12.99 per trade. At the moment ETrade is offering a bonus offer of 100 commission-free stock and option trades for new accounts. Their site however has great screeds of information in what looks like 8 point font - aargh! Why do they do that ?


Wednesday Newspaper Share Tips

Investing Online - Wednesday Newspaper Share Tips

Wednesday 16 Sept. 2009
Daily Telegraph
Questor - Share Tips

Buy Genus at 700p it has raced ahead but the bull run is not over - based on the US dairy market recovery, expansion plans and trend of increasing demand for food

Buy Hargreaves Services at 643p. The business model has produced an annual compounded rate of EPS growth of 50% for the last four years. Very impressive.

The Times
Tempus Share Tips

Hold Debenhams at 81¾p, - it is in a better position than at the start of the year. The Woolworths and Adams have disappeared so it can build on its low market share in children’s wear.

It is growing in sportswear. However gains will be harder from here, especially given January’s planned VAT rise.

Buy Hargreaves

Brooks Macdonald - at 386p shares have rallied 1/3 since July - look to buy lower down.

Rumor - Tullow Oil up 13p to £10.87 traders have the company as a potential takeover target with Eni, rumoured to be considering a £20-a-share offer.

Deal - Shares in Lamprell rose 15p to 173p, after winning 3 contracts worth $52 million.

Bet of the day - Netcall, is set to announce full-year results, investors banking on company beating expectations by a wide margin. Shares closed up nearly 25%. The company said back in July it would significantly beat last year’s numbers.

Tiddler to watch - Southern Bear has raised £250,000 for expansion and has won a contract with eaga, the residential energy efficiency group. It says trading in Q1 was “very pleasing”.

The Independent.
Investment Share Tips

Buy Hargreaves

Hold fund manager Ashmore for now could be more fruitful in the future - it trades at 16.3 earnings ahead of its peers, which are just under 15 times.

Other posts -
Rod Kuusinen predicts stocks and share for beginners


Investing Online Tuesday Share Tips

Stock Market Investing - Tuesday Newspaper Share Tips

The Daily Telegraph

Questor - Share Tips

Speculative Buy Antisoma - Antisoma is a loss-making biotech, but it has lots going for it which make it more than a gamble. It is fully funded until mid-2011, has a number of potential treatments at a late stage in development and Novartis is on its side.

Buy International Ferro Metals and wait

Other comments

US credit shrinking at same rate as seen in Great Depression giving rising to fears of double-dip recession

The Times

Tempus - Share Tips

Avoid Helphire At 36½p, or 14 times earnings. - Recovery from recession, even if it slow, will provide relief for Helphire. But can Credit hire, the niche pioneered by Helphire still be considered a growth industry, given its greater take-up since the downturn in 2001, and the willingness of Acromas and others to find alternative means of settling claims.

Hold Antisoma - its appeal is that it has enough cash until 2011. At 28p the recent improved sentiment on US biotechs — usually a lead indicator for European counterparts — should support the shares.

Pass on International Ferro Metals at 58½p, or 10 times 2011 earnings, it is high enough for now.

Rumour of the day - Sprint Nextel Corp rose 10% to $4.16 on speculation it might be acquired by Deutsche Telekom, even though analysts say this would be difficult to pull off.

Deal of the day - Mark Dixon, founder and CEO of Regis, said after the market had closed that he was selling about 3% of the company to institutional investors in what will be seen by many as a sign that demand is picking up. This is about 10% of his stake.

Bet of the day - Debenhams figures come out this morning and are expected to show fall of about 5% in Q4 sales, despite the department store’s best efforts.

Tiddler to watch - Charlemagne Capital, a fund manager that specializes in emerging markets, rose 1½p to 16p after receiving a “buy” recommendation from UBS which set a target of 16½p for the stock. Assets under management rose by 28% in Q2 to $2.4 bn.

The Independent
Investment - Share Tips
Buy Sainsbury's
- Potential clouds could be Tesco pricing cuts and CEO Justin King jumping ship to M&S, although he has said he won't.

The shares have fallen slightly over the past year, but long-term Sainsbury's look in a good position to benefit from more spending by core customers after the recession.

Buy Velti - Velti was one of the first mobile advertising cos. to deliver marketing and technology for cos. such as Vodafone and Orange, Coca Cola and Honda. Advertisers are looking to find new ways of exploiting mobile phones and a 2010 PE of almost 6 times, Velti looks good value.


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Weekend Share Tips and Crash Prediction

How to Trade Stocks - Weekend Newspaper Share Tips Plus is the Stock Market About to Crash Again?

Weekend Newspaper Share Tips

The Sunday Telegraph
Cheap dollars will bring about the next crisis
Lehman is just a footnote in the East-West globalisation crisis
Darling finally puts Gordon Brown in his place

Questor - Share Tips
Buy VinaCapital Vietnam Opportunities Fund at $1.71
Buy Catlin at 332.8p
Take profits from Cisco Systems at $23.12

Mail on Sunday
Midas - Share Tips

Aga will recover as economy warms up
Cadbury soaring but still has further to go

Rod Kuusinen

Predicts Possible Stock Market Crash for 2009 starting Sept. 11According to Rod Kuusinen of the crash of 2008 was predictable and certain very skilled analysts saw it coming. Now the markets are rallying and investors see a recovery coming. But it ain't over yet, the recession is not over by a long chalk. Unemployment is still rising banks are still failing. Rod Kuusinen trades the S&P 500 futures and his software shows what he describes as "a frightening truth". The VIX has been falling since the end of 2008. This has caused a predictable stock market rally. The scary part is that gaps are always filled. In his video of July 30 2009 he showed how every gap in the past 10 years on a VIX daily chart has always been filled. The video shot on Sept. 10 shows where the gaps still exist and what you should do to protect your investments (basically get out of the market, get short but at the very least put in stops).

I don't know Mr Kuusinen and know nothing of his software but the video is at least a warning that investors would do well to watch and consider. There are plenty of people who think that a correction is due and some saying that the "dumb money" is now re-invested and the markets are highly overbought so it's high time they headed back down.

So here are Mr Kuusinen's two videos about why the stock market will crash again - one from Sept. 10 and one from July 30

July 30 2009 Video about VIX and Possible Stock Market Crash

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Tuesday Newspaper Share Tips


Candlestick Stock Charts foir Beginners

Stock Charts for Beginners - What are Candlestick Chart Patterns ?

Candlestick charts were developed many hundreds of years ago by Japanese rice traders, on the stock market they are used to show the high, low, open and close of a share price and connect the high and low of the time period being studied with a thin line. The open and close are represented by the body of the candle, which is shaded a different color depending on whether the closing price was higher or lower than the opening price. In candlestick software packages usually if the close is higher then the body is white, if the close is lower than the open then the body is black (sometimes green and red are used instead).

Investing in Stocks for Beginners is made easier by candlestick patterns which show what the supply and demand was for a particular period and show whether buyers or seller were in control. Long white candlesticks mean that buyers were in control whereas black candles show that sellers were in control throughout the period in question (this may be five minutes, five days or a month etc...).

Long wicks show that there was a lot of action but at the end of the period the closing price was close to the opening price. If the body is at top with a wick at the bottom this means that the sellers were in control at the beginning but the buyers got control towards the end of the period. If the body is at bottom with a long wick at the top then the buyers were initially in control but then sellers took control at the end of the period.

Short candlesticks means that there was no action or that there was a battle between buyers and sellers but that neither won. If short candlesticks show up at top of a long uptrend or downtrend then it can show a change in the trend.

Check out the short youtube video on candlestick chart patterns by informed trades .com for more details

For more on technical analysis see stock charts for beginners

Home : Candlestick Patterns


Tuesday Newspaper Stocks & Shares Tips

Stock Trading for Beginners - Tuesday Newspaper Share tips


Funds for fridges – a US$300 million rebate scheme on energy-efficient appliances could be in place by Christmas.

Kraft/Cadbury: the US group will have to up its offer

The Times
Tempus - Share Tips

Hold AB Foods
Hold Healthcare Locums
Lupus Capital for the brave only.

Business editor

Cadbury: offer must be increased to secure a deal

Other comment

Blue Cow to grab Red Bull by the horns.

Fears of sale of Alchemy stake overshadows Ath Resources.

Tiddler to watch - Mariana Resources

Daily Telegraph
Questor - Share Tips

Hold AB Foods
Hold Whitbread


Small companies raiding pensions to survive

RBS appoints Goldman to sell aviation arm, according to market chatter.

Rumours that Greene King may merge with Mitchells & Butlers or Marston's

The Independent
Investment - Share Tips

Buy Barclays
Buy Goal Soccer Centres
Sell Kofax
Investing Online Tips for Beginners


Investing Online Investors Chronicle Tips

Investing Online - Investors Chronicle and Newspaper Share Tips Sept. 4

Investors Chronicle

Share Tips of the week

Buy Serco at 456p
Buy Severn Trent at 962p
Buy Chesnara at 170p
Buy CLS Holdings at 445p
Buy H&T Group at 268p.

Sell Paypoint at 486p.


Buy Omega Insurance
Buy Heritage Oil.

Sell Restaurant Group
Sell Grafton Group
Sell Majestic Wine.

Johnston Press fairly priced.

Company results

Buy Serica Energy, Fortune Oil, Kenmare Resources, Salamander Energy, Segro, Carillion, Churchill China, Bisichi Mining, London & Associated Properties, Roc Oil, Henry Boot, Quarto, Biocompatibles, Eaga, West China Cement, Dechra Pharmaceuticals, Rheochem, Asterand and Griffin Mining.

Sell Robert Walters, Aga Rangemaster, Bloomsbury Publishing, Avis Europe, PartyGaming, Kazakhmys and Marshalls.

The Times
Tempus - Share Tips

Hays tuck away before recovery
Buy McBride
Hold HMV Group

Daily Telegraph
Questor - Share Tips

Buy Melrose
Buy BP

Xstrata said to be lining up a new Lonmin bid

The Independent
Investment - Share Tips

Hold Hays
Hold Spice
Buy Playtech

Daily Mail

Abbey admits malpractice.

Daily Express

Lonmin up on Xstrata bid hopes

New public-private partnership deal talk for Rurelec

Caledon Resources up on renewed bid hopes

Stock Charts for Beginners


Shares Magazine Tips Thursday

Stock Trading for Beginners - Shares Magazine and Newspaper Share Tips


Share Tips

Buy Fenner at 115p
Buy Alexander Mining at 7.5p.


Buy Elementis
Buy Robert Walters
Hold Clapham House.

Emerging markets

Buy Monitise
Buy Spirent
Buy Synchronica
Buy Velti
Buy Vyke Communications.

Trend spotting

Buy Guinness Peat
Buy CVS Group


Cape up on rumours of a takeover bid

The Times


Thomas Cook and TUI Travel may need to wait until 2011 for pick-up in consumer confidence
Hargreaves Lansdown up with events
Avoid DSG International

Daily Telegraph

Questor Share Tips

Buy Cape
Buy Diageo.

The Independent

- Share Tips

Hold Hargreaves Lansdown
Buy 32Red

Daily Mail

Cadbury workers threatening strikes over pay

McBride up on talk of upbeat circular


Warren Buffett News - Warren Buffett


Stock Trading for Beginners Tips

Stock Trading for Beginners - Newspaper Share Tips Wednesday

The Times

Retailers must get ready for bumpier ride in 2010
Majestic Wine hold
Avoid Johnston Press until a broad-based economic recovery seems likely.


Game Group up on Nintendo price drop hopes

Bet of the day: Hargreaves Lansdown.

Tiddler to watch - Kiwara

Daily Telegraph


Avoid Legal & General
Buy Serco.

The Independent


Buy Dechra Pharmaceuticals
Buy Kenmare Resources
Buy Scott Wilson

Daily Mail

Square Mile to axe an extra 35,000 jobs

Daily Express

Regen Therapeutics up on Talk of a Nestlé deal

Pentagon Protection strengthened by hopes of another contract win

For stock charts see Stock Charts for Beginners

Home : Candlestick Trading