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Investing in Stocks for Dummies - Understanding Stock Charts

If you want to make money on the stock market by trading stocks and shares and you want to do it fairly quickly then you are going to have to learn at least the basics of stock charting. Fortunately this is not too difficult to do given the many online stock charting videos that exist for free to teach new traders how to interpret stock charts. Videos are a lot easier to follow generally than books or written explanations of charting, but they do not always contain a great deal of useful information.

The following 2 videos provide an excellent introduction to investing in stocks for dummies using stock charts. They are also very easy to listen to and very clear, which cannot always be said of videos that people put on youtube ! If you are not an absolute beginner to stock charts then you may find these videos rather too easy, but for those who know very little about charting they will provide a good introduction to the basic concepts.

Basic Stock Chart Reading - An Explanation of Stock Chart Terminology

The Basics of Stock Charts - Difference between Line Charts, Bar Charts and Candlestick Charts

For slightly less basic information on charts such as how to spot chart breakouts and how to trade them see this excellent video - stock market for beginners

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