Newspaper Share Tips Tuesday

Stock Trading for Dummies - Tuesday Newspaper Share Tips


BG Group jumps in US natural gas 'land grab'
Investor unrest at D1 Oils faces
Former CEO John Heathcote appears to be getting ready to sell down his holding in Pursuit Dynamics

Tempus Share Tips

Hold Whitbread
Pass on Spice
Buy RWS Group


Credit Suisse says CSR is a potential takeover target
Deal of the day: Sylvania Resources
Tiddler to watch - Great Eastern Energy

Questor Stock Picks

Hold Mouchel for now
Buy Bunzl

Exxon betting $41 bn on low-carbon gas
Jeremy Warner: Crash in bond prices is surest bet in town

Investment Share Tips

Buy Whitbread
Hold Great Portland
Hold RWS Group

Tullett Prebon staff won't go far

Standard Chartered soars in advance of rate rises


Rumors of Frontera Resources positive drilling update

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Sunday Newspaper Share Tips Dec13

Stock Trading for Dummies - Sunday Newspaper Share Tips

[Investor's Chronicle and Friday newspaper Share tips see - Friday Newspaper share Tips]

Petrofac at high point, time to take profits
Hold Chrysalis

Share watch: Southern Cross Healthcare


Questor Share Tips

Buy Antofagasta at 915p
Buy Centamin Egypt at 115.5p


Midas Share Tips

Buy Debenhams at 83p
Hold 50% of your Shanks's shares at least


Rents for commercial properties in London are almost £1,000 per square foot for parts of select shops on Old Bond Street

Globespan, Scotland's biggest airline on verge of collapse
Carnival expected to announce good full-year results next Thursday

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Saturday Newspaper Share Tips

Stock Trading for Beginners - Saturday Newspaper Share Tips and Rumours

[For the Investor's Chronicle and Friday newspaper Share tips see - Investors Chronicle Tips]

Afer being propped up by cheap money, day of reckoning has arrived or for Greece, Ireland and Spain. [What about the UK don't we get a day of reckoning before the election ?]

Bankers' bonus tax -- fight over the detail begins [don't hold your breath]
Boeing -- 2 years behind schedule, the 787 Dreamliner takes off next week.


Bonus tax will not curb City's self-interest


Storm clouds ahead for UK banks


High street to exorcize ghost of Christmas past (M&Sr, Next, Debenhams, Kesa Electricals)

Other comment:

Poll says UK shoppers will cut spending on Christmas presents sharply for 2nd year, back to beginning of decade levels

Bet of the day: JJB Sports
Deal of the Day: Bango
Tiddler to watch - Imperial Innovations


Darling's fiction gets shoppers splashing imaginary cash


Bid talk boosts International Power
Smith & Nephew up on revvied Johnson & Johnson bid hopes

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Newspaper Share Tips Friday

Stock Trading for Beginners - Friday Newspaper Share Tips


Share Tips of the week:

Sell C&C at 284 cents
Sell Rio Tinto at £32.59
Sell ASOS at 479p

Buy Huntsworth at 66p
Buy Falkland Island Holdings at 393p
Buy McKay Securities at 156p

Buy Ashley House
Sell Kingfisher -- Carluccio's -- Anite
Abbey high enough

Company Results:
Buy Bango -- Wichford -- Clyde Processors -- Opsec Security -- IS Pharma -- Hogg Robinson

Sell Marston's -- Ashtead


War on greedy bankers -- France follows UK example of a windfall tax on bonuses
Inditex -- has replaced Gap of the US as the world's largest fashion retailer by sales
Drinks companies - recovery seems likely next year .

Smith & Nephew takeover rumours again

Tempus Share Tips

Hold Premier Farnell
Hold David S Smith Chance

BSkyB upgraded on sales growth prospects
Talk that PartyGaming may be looking at Bwin
Deal of the day: Hunting
Bet of the day: HMV/Mama Group

Tiddler to watch - Firestone Diamonds

Questor Share Tips

Hold IG Group
Buy Standard Chartered

Investment Share Tips

Hold Premier Farnell
Buy Begbies Traynor
Hold International Greetings

Wellstream falls as takeover hopes fade

Cadbury waits sweeter suitor
Rumors of imminent bid for Coffeeheaven International grows

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Alternatives to Investing in Stocks

Alternatives to Stock Market Trading - Signed Books and Illustrations

Investing in Stocks for Beginners is all well and good, but you may be looking for something a bit less volatile or a bit more tangible that stocks and shares. Books and illustrations can be very interesting if you can buy them at the right price - to paraphrase Warren Buffett - It's far better to buy a wonderful investment at a fair price than a fair investment at a wonderful price.

(Rare Maurice Sendak Where the Wild Things Are up for Auction)
Maurice Sendak Where the Wild Things Are Auction
With that in mind there may be some 'fair investments' on offer at the auction being organised by Bloomsbury auctions  - on Wednesday 9th December at 2 p.m. - at 6 West 48th Street, New York for Original Illustrations and Fine Illustrated Books. The auction includes works by Dr Seuss, Maurice Sendak, Tom Feelings, A A Milne (Winnie the Pooh), Beatrix Potter, Roald Dahl and many others. Estimated prices range from a few hundred dollars to $40,000, so there should be something for everyone.

You don't have to go to New York of course, you can bid online (you need to register first, see the link above), but if you are in New York you can view the works on offer on Saturday December 5, 10 am- 3 pm - Monday December 7, 10 am- 5 pm - Tuesday December 8, 10 am- 5 pm - Wednesday December 9, 10 am- 1 pm - Or by private appointment

In Bloomsbury's own words "The sale will showcase important works from the Golden Age of Illustration to the present day. It will commence with the artistic estate of award winning African American artist Tom Feelings (who) worked as a freelance illustrator of children’s books for over thirty years. ... Among the highlights of the sale is the entire collection of Feelings’ seminal 1996 work The Middle Passage ($250,000-$350,000).

Also offered for auction are Maurice Sendak’s original designs for the Wild Things Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon ($40,000-$50,000) and watercolors by William Steig for the original Shrek! ($15,000-$20,000)

Fine illustrated books include rare Oz titles, Winne the Pooh by A. A. Milne and a privately printed edition of The Tailor of Gloucester by Beatrix Potter, plus limited edition Rackhams and numerous autographed picture books. Books and letters signed by Roadl Dahl. A 1957 first edition of the Cat in the Hat by Dr Seuss with the dust jacket and the price of 200/200 plus a second edition (est. $5000 to $8000)

Plus plenty more - there are 365 lots in all and if you want to bid online you will need to register first. Signed and first edition books can be a good long-term investment.

Alternatively you might want to have a look through your old books to see if you've got the original edition of Dr Seuss's Cat in the Hat as described above - it will be worth a few thousand dollars.

Property is also a wise investment and France is a god place to consider as property tens to be not quite so expensive as in some other countries, especially if you get outside of Paris, in places such as the Loire Valley for example, which is famous for its chateaux but which also has some fine houses on offer.

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