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How to Trade Stocks Using Charts

For the absolute basics about how to trade stocks click here - how to trade stocks online

Stock trading master is an interesting guy, his analysis of stock charts is easy to follow and a genuine education. He also tells you why you can't trust stock trading subscription newsletters (fairly obvious really but it bears repeating). Here are his ideas for the next week's trading. The markets are still in a downtrend and fell a lot last week ! So much so they made the news again.

Personally I have been waiting for the markets to drop back for a long time and maybe finally we will get it. One trader on CNCB said 1080 on the S+P is a key level and he expects us to see it soon. So keep an eye out for 1080 and then decide what to do next.

The markets in Europe appear to be bouncing yet again, but for how long, Greek is finally well on its way to defaulting so just what effect will that have on the markets? We shall see, but bear in mind that European politicians are totally hopeless, they haven't got a clue what to do and are just hoping their bank accounts will be OK and they might still be in a job when this whole mess finally works itself out.


How to Trade Stocks One Easy Strategy

How to Trade Stocks - Make Money using just Support and Resistance - a Video

For the absolute basics on trading stocks see - how to trade stocks online . If you are looking to make money from the stock market using the easiest stock trading strategy then remember that many professional traders use nothing more complicated than the notions of support and resistance.

The video below is very clear but basically you just need to identify a stock that is trading in a channel - see when it hits its support level then buy it and wait till it moves back up and hits its resistance level, at which point you sell it. This applies to stocks but it also applies to the market as a whole if you just want to trade the indices.

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A trend can be up, down or sideways but as long as you can correctly identify the channel then you can trade by buying at support and selling at resistance. This is clearly a short-term trading method but if you get it right then it can be highly profitable and also easy to follow. Lots of professional traders just use this as their basic method. Remember though that you need to have 'stop losses' in place i.e. you need to ensure that if the stock continues tof all after you have bought it then you get out of the trade if it falls 5% or so. You make a loss but you don't get wiped out. In stock trading it is important that you only lose battles not the war.

Trading stocks is all about calculating the risk reward ratio, you can't possibly win every time, but you must make sure that your winners make you more money than you lose on your losers.

If you want to make your trading slightly more complicated then you can combine support and resistance with moving averages. In short-term trading it is not a good idea to buy a stock that is below its 200 day moving average and it is also not a good idea to by a stock when its 5 day moving average is pointing down - for details see this video on moving averages.

For a video explaining trend lines see - stock trading using trend lines