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How to Trade Stocks - Weekend Newspaper Share Tips Plus is the Stock Market About to Crash Again?

Weekend Newspaper Share Tips

The Sunday Telegraph
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Mail on Sunday
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Aga will recover as economy warms up
Cadbury soaring but still has further to go

Rod Kuusinen

Predicts Possible Stock Market Crash for 2009 starting Sept. 11According to Rod Kuusinen of the crash of 2008 was predictable and certain very skilled analysts saw it coming. Now the markets are rallying and investors see a recovery coming. But it ain't over yet, the recession is not over by a long chalk. Unemployment is still rising banks are still failing. Rod Kuusinen trades the S&P 500 futures and his software shows what he describes as "a frightening truth". The VIX has been falling since the end of 2008. This has caused a predictable stock market rally. The scary part is that gaps are always filled. In his video of July 30 2009 he showed how every gap in the past 10 years on a VIX daily chart has always been filled. The video shot on Sept. 10 shows where the gaps still exist and what you should do to protect your investments (basically get out of the market, get short but at the very least put in stops).

I don't know Mr Kuusinen and know nothing of his software but the video is at least a warning that investors would do well to watch and consider. There are plenty of people who think that a correction is due and some saying that the "dumb money" is now re-invested and the markets are highly overbought so it's high time they headed back down.

So here are Mr Kuusinen's two videos about why the stock market will crash again - one from Sept. 10 and one from July 30

July 30 2009 Video about VIX and Possible Stock Market Crash

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