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Speculative Buy Antisoma - Antisoma is a loss-making biotech, but it has lots going for it which make it more than a gamble. It is fully funded until mid-2011, has a number of potential treatments at a late stage in development and Novartis is on its side.

Buy International Ferro Metals and wait

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US credit shrinking at same rate as seen in Great Depression giving rising to fears of double-dip recession

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Avoid Helphire At 36½p, or 14 times earnings. - Recovery from recession, even if it slow, will provide relief for Helphire. But can Credit hire, the niche pioneered by Helphire still be considered a growth industry, given its greater take-up since the downturn in 2001, and the willingness of Acromas and others to find alternative means of settling claims.

Hold Antisoma - its appeal is that it has enough cash until 2011. At 28p the recent improved sentiment on US biotechs — usually a lead indicator for European counterparts — should support the shares.

Pass on International Ferro Metals at 58½p, or 10 times 2011 earnings, it is high enough for now.

Rumour of the day - Sprint Nextel Corp rose 10% to $4.16 on speculation it might be acquired by Deutsche Telekom, even though analysts say this would be difficult to pull off.

Deal of the day - Mark Dixon, founder and CEO of Regis, said after the market had closed that he was selling about 3% of the company to institutional investors in what will be seen by many as a sign that demand is picking up. This is about 10% of his stake.

Bet of the day - Debenhams figures come out this morning and are expected to show fall of about 5% in Q4 sales, despite the department store’s best efforts.

Tiddler to watch - Charlemagne Capital, a fund manager that specializes in emerging markets, rose 1½p to 16p after receiving a “buy” recommendation from UBS which set a target of 16½p for the stock. Assets under management rose by 28% in Q2 to $2.4 bn.

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Buy Sainsbury's
- Potential clouds could be Tesco pricing cuts and CEO Justin King jumping ship to M&S, although he has said he won't.

The shares have fallen slightly over the past year, but long-term Sainsbury's look in a good position to benefit from more spending by core customers after the recession.

Buy Velti - Velti was one of the first mobile advertising cos. to deliver marketing and technology for cos. such as Vodafone and Orange, Coca Cola and Honda. Advertisers are looking to find new ways of exploiting mobile phones and a 2010 PE of almost 6 times, Velti looks good value.


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