Best Swing Trading Strategies?

How to Trade Stocks using Technical Analysis and Swing Trading Strategies

Check out this video from 'stock trading master', he shows a really interesting strategy based on technical analysis for swing trading, using a range of indicators to help you see when a stock has 'flushed out' and bottomed, and how you should get into the stock by buying in 3 separate trades. Understanding charts really forms part of the stock market basics and should be taught in school!

The trading indicators are :- the "flush" pattern, support and resistance areas, the oversold pattern, volume, market cap, the Beta, short interest, the catalyst, and the RSI. He explains what each of these means in the video.

This system is used by his 'mentor' JB who he highly recommends. I've never used JB's services so I can't say, but the part of the video where he explains the swing trading strategy is interesting.

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