Stock Tips for Beginners?

Stock Trading Tips for Dummies

Self-styled stock trading master Lance Jepsen (Jepson ?) just made 450% on a trade, which made him a profit of $4K in 4 days - hats off ! In truth he got a bit lucky when Roche made a hostile takeover bid for Illumina but he does point out that genome mapping is a hot sector to be in at the moment. After his Illumina success he has moved into Life Sciences (LIFE) - buying options. Options are not exactly what you could call stock tips for beginners but it is worth taking a good look at Life Sciences nevertheless as they are making breakthroughs in genome mapping, so it could turn out to be one of the best stocks to trade given that the sector is currently hot. Stock trading master's video is over at youtube here - -

I know nothing about genomes but here is a picture of an artist's impression of one !

What is a genome?
They will be big in both a scientific and business sense - so there is money to be made.
Of more interest in a general sense to beginners to online stock trading is 'old school chartist's' latest video about where the markets might be headed. Basically he says we are in a 'rising wedge' pattern and that this is usually bearish so we could be headed for a pullback, but we might get up to the top of the wedge around 1340 on the S+P.

Lots of useful info. on how to analyse stock charts again. If you are a beginner to stock trading then you really need to understand at least a minimum about stock charting

For information on basic investing using stock charts see the most basic tip in - Basic Investing in Stocks for Beginners

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