Stock Markets Next Week

Stock Market Trading Strategies for Next Week

Fascinating insights into what the stock markets may do this week and how the stock market works, in 'stock trading master' stock market report in his video (scroll down for the video). Lots of uptrends and strong uptrends for the first time in months. Lots of 'resurrection crosses' (a good sign - and also known as 'golden crosses') - when a shorter moving average crosses over a longer moving average on the way up.

Whether you're a total beginner to stocks and shares or an experienced online stock trading professional the 'master' is a good mentor and his videos are always full of useful information and an indication of which stocks, commodities or indices to buy.

The major stock market indices have broken out above their October 2011 highs. The S&P 500 has a Resurrection Cross with the 50 day moving average moving above the 200 day moving average.

Institutional traders were buying across all sectors last week, - this can be seen by the TICK closing at 835 (explained in the video).

The strongest sectors for institutional traders were Energy +2.28% and Technology +2.17%

So hats off to the stock trading master for all the priceless information he shares, there are many online stock trading courses that don't do such a good job of teaching beginners what to look out for when trading stocks. If you are looking to learn about the stock market and stock charts then you would do well to check out his videos.

Don't forget also our old friend Warren Buffett - his stock trading strategies are somewhat different and in fact he is not a stock trader as such, but a long-term investor and it was in this capacity that he was busy buying $750 million worth of the UK firm Tesco last week, after the share price slumped 20% in one day. Tesco is the largest retailer in the UK and always makes money, so WB helped himself to a chunk at knock-down prices. The price could fall another 6 or 7% but even at current prices it looks like a bargain. UPDATE : The recent Tesco trading update (June 2012) was very lacklustre - so I persoanlly expect to see a slump down to around 270p at some point, at which point it wil be even mor einteresting than it is at present (stuck around 300p).

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