Stock Markets at Crtiical Juncture

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The stock market appears to be at a critical juncture right now. There are many people expecting a significant correction or possibly even a crash back to the March lows. The reason being that the markets have bounced around 50% since and that is exactly what happened back in 1929. In 1929 the bear market lasted 34 months, this time round from October 2007 to March 2009 was only 17 months if we add the 6 month since march then there could be still another 11 months to go to make it 34 months of a bear market.

Not everyone is convinced this is going to happen of course, but most people believe this month is critical and in particular this week. If the markets don't sell off and fall below important support levels then the markets could continue on upwards, if they do fall through those critical levels then things could get very ugly. Today was a positie day with the DOW up 112 points and the S&P up 15 to 1040 but tomorrow is another day. So beginners to stock market investing in particular should take care. In this video June from explains where this support level is

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