Stock Market Crash Imminent?

Stock Trading for Dummies - Stock Market Crash Imminent?

There are quite a few people who are expecting the stock market to slump back down to the lows seen in March and even lower. I have seen a number of videos with just that scenario, but of course so far it hasn't happened and this market seems to be stubbornly determine dto prove all the doom and gloom merchants wrong. Nevertheless it is worth taking their warnings on board.
The following video - Crash Alert is by Tony Cherniawski, from the - he envisages the possibility of the DOW back at 6000 and the S/P at 600 - Mr Cherniawski's video has the merit at least of being clear and easy to understand. For other indications that the market may be topping out and preparing to crash back down see - stock charting for beginners

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