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The FTSE is down around 125 points at the moment - the DOW, Nasdaq and S&P futures are down and the S&P looks likely to fall to around 740 today. Citigroup has been to all intents purposes nationalized because it's too big to fail - Ivanka Trump thinks CEOs are not paid enough and people should get off their backs and give the guys a break - "we need to pay the best people ludicrous amounts of money otherwise they will go somewhere else" - what best guys ? I haven't seen any recently - GM is bankrupt, Ford is not far off, Chrysler too, practically all the banks are slowly sinking into the mire - who are these highly talented individuals who need billions just to get out of bed in the morning - it's all nonsense !

The DOW may well see 6000 in the not too distant future by the way so hold on to your hats - learn to read the stock charts - and for the time being save your cash or short something if you're very confident - shorting the S&P seems fairly saf at the moment - but that isn't a tip or advice so don't blame me if they discover 10 trillion dollars under Superman's mattress.

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